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Connecting the generations.

Aging is a natural human process. It’s something we all have in common. All of us age!

Some societies make this often difficult process a whole lot easier and more enjoyable than others do. North American society isn’t one of them. Unlike other more traditional cultures that respect their elders and include them in community, ours tends to be preoccupied with youth and to marginalize adults as we grow older.

Growing old is natural. Growing old alone is not.

Isolation has negative effects. Studies prove that it increases mental and physical illness and shortens the life span.

Art With Elders is intent on helping San Francisco Bay Area seniors stay connected to their communities.

We especially focus attention on those seniors who are most likely to be sidelined – older adults who make their homes in skilled nursing, residential care and assisted living facilities. Nationally, as well as here in the Bay Area, more than 60% of individuals who live in long-term care sites never have a visitor.

Art With Elders is equally intent on encouraging San Francisco Bay residents to maintain connections with their elders.

Art With Elders connects the generations through programs that celebrate the wisdom, talents and creativity of older adults.

A society’s oldest members are among its most valuable assets.

If experience is the matrix of wisdom and experience is the coin of age, then as our years lengthen our emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual and creative resources ripen. A whole and healthy society recognizes this and not only welcomes the on-going involvement of its older citizens, but actively seeks out their contributions.

Young or old, or feeling in between, Art With Elders welcomes YOUR participation!