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Exhibits Program

In the development of individual artistic talent, public display of the artist’s work can be as important as classroom instruction; it can provide objectivity and feedback that encourages artistic growth. Art With Elders takes exhibiting as seriously as it takes the pedagogical effort.

In addition to on-going displays of residents’ work at each facility, in the spring Artist-Instructors select representative work from their classes for inclusion in the Annual Exhibit. Each chosen piece of art is framed together with a professionally-taken black and white photo of the artist and brief biographical sketch.

When the exhibit is ready, it is introduced to the public at a reception for the artists. The 17th Annual Exhibit opened October 19th, 2008, at One Market Plaza in San Francisco. It drew a crowd of 500 – artists, their family members and friends, professional caregivers and the public. Six generations were represented.

Following the opening reception, the Annual Exhibit becomes a Traveling Exhibit, touring various public sites in San Francisco and beyond for the remainder of the year – until the next Annual Exhibit opens. Civic sites like City Hall and the War Memorial Performing Arts Center; government centers such as the Ninth Circuit Court and the new Federal Building; corporate headquarters including Genentech in South San Francisco, Rincon Center, One Market Plaza and Flax Art and Design; and Koret Health and Recreation Center at University of San Francisco welcome the chance to showcase the remarkable work of AWE artists.

Smaller, boutique exhibits, are becoming more frequent, too. In March 2009, work from the 16th Annual Exhibit was part of a show titled "Lineage" at the Red Door Gallery in Oakland. In July 2009 a similar display willbe featured at the San Francisco Women Artists’ Gallery. Check out our Galleries, Exhibits and Events pages.

If you have suggestions for AWE exhibit sites, we’d love to hear from you.